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The Village.

Visibility and vibes in «The Village».

Festivals are finally back! The Swiss open-air festival season returned in summer 2022 following a two-year break. At five music festivals, a total of 130,000 adult festival-goers enjoyed a live, emotional and direct experience of the Winston brand in «The Village».


standing ovation has been the lead agency for Winston since 2017. Summer 2022 marked the fifth festival season for Winston and standing ovation, and delighted open-air festival-goers at five festivals.

Brand experience times five.

The same concept was used at five different locations in Switzerland: Greenfield Festival in Interlaken, Heitere Open Air in Zofingen, OpenAir St. Gallen, Open Air Gampel and for the first time at the largest Swiss Festival – Paléo Festival Nyon. The standing ovation team were faced with a wide range of conditions, from flat to hilly. The Village was therefore designed so that it can be easily adapted to the most diverse geographic conditions.

Visibility and vibes.

Anyone who has ever visited The Village will have instantly recognized the typical Winston look and feel at each festival. The striking architecture attracted a lot of attention, as the Winston Tower, with its flying eagle, was located next to the main stage and was definitely an impressive feature of The Village.

The Winston Tower was an impressive feature of the village.

The open-air festival-goers who had their faces painted in The Village ensured additional brand awareness. Their painted faces filled the entire festival site with a great «Village» atmosphere and happy on-brand vibes.


The Village.

Five festivals. 130,000 visitors. 75 tons of gear.

Get involved, chill, dance and more.

It was the brand-related activities – «the Snapshot» photo booth, face painting and fly past – that once again made The Village so appealing in 2022. Its relaxed atmosphere, along with the food and drink on offer, also made it a great place to chill, meet friends and dance to popular DJs or, for the first time, in the silent disco in The Village at Paléo and Heitere. «Get involved» was the focus for the brand community, as demonstrated by the queues that sometimes formed at the entrance to The Village.

A total of 130,000 people visited The Village at all five open-air festivals.

The huge number of people who visited The Village – 130,000 in total at all five open-air festivals – is also a testament to this. The multifaceted visitors’ journey reached the target audience of adult festival-goers in inspiring, innovative and emotional ways, inviting them to join the interactive Winston experience.

Full-on branding.

The seven-strong core team, including two members from standing ovation, spent the whole summer coordinating and implementing pre-planned acts with a wide range of activities and suppliers. standing ovation was also responsible for set-up and dismantling during the festivals, as well as production management. At every site, they ensured that the Winston brand was shown at its very best, creating a fantastic brand experience in The Village using 75 tons of gear for audio, lighting, DJ equipment, rigging and power.

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