Swiss Marketing Forum.

Arriving in the future.


standing ovation supported the SMF in developing its branding and with its new communications strategy and took the lead in redesigning all the event formats. In addition to Marketing Day 17 this includes the new Sales Power Conference, held for the first time on 8-9 November 2016 at the Gottfried Duttweiler Institute (GDI).


Brand background.

Bringing together products, people and markets remains the same craft as in the past but being up-to-date takes on a new meaning. The Swiss Marketing Forum (SMF) is a leading real and digital intermediary for current, practice-related sales and marketing expertise. With its economically relevant events, forums and platforms, the SMF connects marketing specialists and creates lasting business relationships.

Being up-to-date takes on a new meaning.

SMF attaches great importance to expanding networks, offering dedicated further training for in-house sales and marketing specialists as well as best practices for dealing with challenges within the company, and coming up with innovative ideas and new solutions. The Forum organises the Marketing Day and the Sales Power Conference and has over ten years’ experience in organising conferences.

User-oriented topic architecture.

The SMF makes marketing-related topics understandable, refers them “live” and links marketing target groups. As a content provider for a wide range of channels and as part of the broader creative and communication community, the SMF acts as an interface to enhance knowledge, practice and added value with an innovative, virtual, digital expansion and analyses the sharing, collaboration and experiencing of new values and modes of interaction.

Continuity. A year-round topic ensures continuity as part of a mega-trend beyond the diverse Swiss Marketing Forum activities and also serves as a model for developing event programming.

Topicality. Real-time referrals and near-future topics are becoming important. The topic of the year is therefore not presented in monolithic form but is instead broken down into target group-specific sub-topics and practical topics.