Lyreco Switzerland AG.

We upcycle.

100% Carbon- Neutral, 100% Emotional.

Showcasing sustainability: 650 guests were turned into upcycling specialists, discovering their own resourcefulness and astonishing themselves in the process. There was a lot of tinkering, puttering and hammering. It was ultimately evident that this client event was as unique as the upcycling sculptures that evolved.


Lyreco is the go-to partner for office supplies in the B2B sector. Both globally and within Switzerland, Lyreco ranks among the top suppliers. A leadership mindset and innovative thinking are firmly entrenched in Lyreco’s value system. Lyreco is more than just a supplier to its partners, it is also a source of creative ideas.

Our starting point.

Office supplies are part and parcel of everyday life, at work and elsewhere. At first sight, they offer little glamour and little potential for a great client event. This was our point of departure: We centred on the Lyreco product, but linked it to a new, contemporary theme. The key was to actively involve the guests themselves.

standing ovation staged a highly professional event offering that certain something.

Denise Brandenberger, Event and Project Manager MarCom

Lyreco provided the stage, the guests (all business partners of Lyreco) were to be the leading actors. With “We upcycle” we created a theme that both engages and incites to act. Our event attendees tapped into their creative side. They upcycled a wide array of different objects, fashioning a world in which “waste material” acquires a new worth.

Trash was transformed into amusing, playful, multicoloured ideas, which were celebrated in the vernissage that followed. The entire evening was sustainability-themed, with local organic catering and a performance by scrapyard musicians. Closing out the event, German cover band Fresh Music Live was given an enthusiastic reception.