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Focus on Xperience. Or FOX for short. With the launch of FOX, standing ovation has developed a service that generates more revenue for companies and organizations thanks to better brand experiences. We present our new solution.


FOX is standing ovation’s new consultancy service for experience design. FOX stands for Focus on Xperience and has been developed because we believe that better brand experiences generate more revenue. Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s what FOX offers.

FOX advises companies on the design, development and activation of their brand experiences. We use a 360° experience design process to create sustainable success for our customers. How? We gain extensive knowledge of both the company and its existing customer experience and include the customer perspective.

We develop prototypes and test their effectiveness before implementation.

We use both the findings obtained and our expertise to optimize this customer experience. We develop prototypes and test their effectiveness before implementation. Monitoring effectiveness and KPIs provides the customer with valuable data regarding their success.

Here’s how FOX came about.

Sustainable, successful marketing strategies require a clear focus. That’s why FOX always focuses on the end customer’s brand experience. At all levels. FOX is the result of a comprehensive strategic review of standing ovation ag. When testing the FOX prototype, over 90% of the customers involved believed it produced significant added value. So FOX had already been entrusted with several exciting projects before the new service was officially launched. The sly fox had obviously focused on the right thing.

Here’s what’s behind FOX.

A great deal of standing ovation expertise is behind FOX. And almost 12 months of development, together with our customers. We launched FOX at the beginning of 2022, together with David Brügger, our strategy expert and long-standing CMO of various companies and organizations.

Switzerland’s first holistic experience design service.

Our intensive market research revealed that there is room for FOX in Switzerland. The market has individual customer experience consultancy firms, especially in the digital arena.

There is room for FOX in Switzerland.

But our value proposition targets real-life, digital and hybrid experiences. And our many years of brand experience and strategic consulting expertise make us totally unique.

FOX creates sustainable success.

Our customers can expect measurably more success. FOX will achieve this by taking a holistic approach, involving the target group, using state-of-the-art technologies and drawing upon its extensive expertise.

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