Thomas Volprecht.

Head of Branding & Strategy.


«Strong messages are always simple. But arriving at them isn’t always simple.»

Thomas Volprecht came to standing ovation with an extensive portfolio brimming with branding experience. But he also brought something else with him: the art of clear words. «Today, we’re as much a live communication agency as a think tank. We convey ideas and strategies, and we do this as clearly and simply as possible.»

Grass doesn’t grow any faster just because you pull on it.

When Thomas moved to Switzerland after completing his product design studies in Cologne, Matthias Horx’s classic book «Markenkult» had just become essential reading. Brand management was all the rage. And now? «We strategists are no longer the absolute rulers. Users are the new stars in brand management.» Thomas Volprecht is right.

Contributions and specialist articles by Thomas

One team.
Lots of talent.
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