Michael Dancsecs.

Business Development. Owner.


«Developing creative dialogue formats for brands and businesses. That’s what drives us.»

Michael Dancsescs spent time in Silicon Valley. It wasn’t a pilgrimage, but instead a trip into the future. Since then he’s been convinced that big emotions are worth more than big data. «It’s the real experience that counts. It brings together people, brands and markets. Likes and posts alone don’t make people happy. And they won’t tomorrow or the next day either!»

Relationships are our raw material.

The 45-year-old married father of twins has been devoting his heart and soul to live communication as an entrepreneur since 1998. When Michael founded standing ovation in 2005, marketing, branding and live communication were just entering their start-up phase. «Today, these three disciplines have to be best friends, because live communication forms an integral part of brand management». For Michael, this means specifically creating dialogue platforms between companies, people and brands.

One team.
Lots of talent.
Meet Michael!