Claudia Gambini.



«Good ideas are one thing, implementing them successfully is another. Combining both of these makes us strong.»

«Every live project is a new management task.» Claudia Gambini was around when standing ovation was working its way up from being a bustling start-up to become a respected player. But she still hasn’t got into a routine. Event formats and technology change far too quickly for that.

Half measures. No way.

As a production specialist, Claudia is a realist through and through. «Event ideas are only as good as their implementation. So everything has to be 100% fixed before it goes into production.» Someone like Claudia, who has showcased Federal councillors, top bankers and clergymen, could actually ease off a bit. «Each of our productions should be a highlight. Because it’s only when emotion flows into these events that the audience can also experience emotions.»

One team.
Lots of talent.
Meet Claudia!

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