Think phygital!

Marketing Day takes off.

Marketing Day has long since become a “must” for the industry. Talks, trend scouting and networking were its stalwart strengths. Now there are new ones too: interactivity, connectivity and spontaneity. Marketing Day 17 offers a new experience geared totally to our phygital future.

Phygital? A foreign word for you? But it’s the future for marketing! The physical and digital worlds are converging to an increasing extent in communication, creation and production. This is the departure point for the new Marketing Day 17, designed by standing ovation in collaboration with the Swiss Marketing Forum. It makes brains and brands fit for the phygital future. And offers visitors a new experience, the first “Marketing Festival” in Switzerland.

Rethinking referral.

The new Marketing Day redefines roles: Keynotes and speakers here, an audience and consumers there – that’s all passé. Today, every participant is both of those: contributing valuable experience and taking away new-found knowledge. But peer-to-peer learning is just one aspect of many that are addressed in bar camps, co-labs and networking side events. Another is the topic itself: digitalization.

Physical + digital = phygital.

Where physical and digital experiences come together, new possibilities open up for brands and marketing. Marketing Day 17 aims to highlight perspectives and explore uncharted territory. In fact, it wants to make the participants themselves agents of phygital transformation. High-calibre keynote addresses will provide impetus and insights into the process that is shaking up our marketing world.

Clearly structured diversity.

Anyone visiting the KKL in March 2017 can set their own priorities for their programme. The new Marketing Day will make five know-how vehicles available which bundle the relevant areas of knowledge. This enables each participant to take away the maximum in terms of personal suggestions, input and contacts. The new name “Marketing Festival” sums it all up: everyone can connect to where the music plays for them. Whereas Marketing Day used to be a congress it is now a carefully curated platform that brings together ideas and people efficiently, inspirationally, purposefully and sincerely.

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