CO2 neutrality.

For us, carbon neutrality is not a trend but a specific service. We have been carbon-neutral as a company since 2012. On the basis of our own experience and through cooperation with climate specialists, we have a proven climate competence track record. As your certified partner for carbon-neutral carbon management we can show you what sustainable live communication can do for your sustainability balance sheet and your corporate reputation.

CO2 footprint.

Compared with other communication tools, live communication entails a considerable CO2 footprint. Transport, materials, catering and energy production impact on the climate balance sheet. Travel and catering generally account for around 75% of an event’s CO2 footprint. For us, the carbon neutrality of events, conferences and incentives begins at the concept stage. We believe that creativity and the climate have a common denominator. Our Xaver awards – e.g. for Lyreco – show how this works.03_Nachhaltigkeit_Grafik_Kompensieren_E

CO2 statement.

We document all relevant CO2 emissions and identify the biggest emissions producers. And we draw up a number of different CO2 scenarios. For this purpose we use industry-specific applications from ClimatePartner Solutions. In this way we guarantee that our reports correspond to the main international CO2 standards (GHG, ISO, CDP, GRI) and that they are compatible with any sustainability balance sheet.


CO2 offsetting.

CO2 can’t be avoided but it can be offset. Applied to our events, conferences and incentives, this means that all the remaining CO2 is offset by a financial contribution to certified climate protection projects. Starting in 2017 we will automatically handle the CO2 offset of all our projects. You can thus rest assured that every event you organise with us is 100% carbon-neutral – and you don’t need to make special arrangements for carbon management.

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