Strategic development.

Event agencies are old hat. Today we are experts in experience design.

standing ovation has continued to develop its strategy and honed its service portfolio. What’s changed? Its owners, Michael Dancsecs and Etienne Ruppen, explain all in this interview.


Why do you no longer call yourselves an event agency?

Michael Dancsecs: Well, it’s quite simple: we’ve continuously evolved in recent years. Alongside numerous events, we’ve also designed and built showrooms, implemented strategic concepts, optimized customer journeys and more. We’ve adapted to the changing market demands.

And what defines experts in experience design?

Michael Dancsecs: We’re able to grasp the challenges facing customers and have an excellent understanding of our client’s brand, values and positioning. We provide advice along the entire customer journey and, above all, also involve the ultimate target groups in the development process. This creates an integrated basis for developing successful experiences.

Instead of the previous three, standing ovation now offers five different service strands: strategy, event, communication, brand space and digital. What’s different now?

Etienne Ruppen: standing ovation ceased to be a pure event agency a long time ago and now offers much more by creating unique, sustainable brand experiences. Both strategically and operationally. In terms of both staging and communication. Both live and digital. Our new service portfolio reflects our competences.

standing ovation creates unique, sustainable brand experiences.

Grouping our services into five strands quickly gives our new and existing customers a good overview. They can assemble the required services à la carte. Besides, it’s only logical and consistent to offer our entire range of expertise. Our partners will be particularly impressed with the expansion of our strategy services and the associated development of FOX. Our motivation remains: WE. CREATE. FANS.


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How did your strategic review come about – and why now?

Etienne Ruppen: standing ovation has constantly evolved and will continue to develop in future. There’s also been a significant change in customer requirements. So it’s more of an ongoing process rather than a specific development. And it’s important to repeatedly consolidate our own position and communicate this both externally and internally.

Thanks to our experience, we understand how experiences work and deliver increased success.

If you want to be perceived as experts, you have to identify trend indicators and customer requirements at an early stage and invest in expanding your services. Our past projects have given us a strategic understanding of how experiences work, can be measured and can deliver increased success. We’ve used this understanding to adapt our processes. We gain an integrated customer perspective by involving the end customer. This allows us to develop concepts along the entire customer journey.

From experience to results – to what extent does measurability play an increasingly important role?

Michael Dancsecs: Extensive customer surveys as part of our strategic review have revealed that measurability is an important part of developing experiences and is also becoming increasingly important. Measurability is by no means new. We addressed this issue in great detail many years ago. Experience projects must have precise goals. KPIs must be defined early on in the analysis. By involving the end customer, we create the basis for success and growth for our clients.

How do your customers benefit from this?

Etienne Ruppen: Our customers benefit in many ways. In addition to experience, we’ve also expanded our service portfolio both in-house and with external partners. This allows us to offer an even wider range from a single source. We think holistically and avoid silo mentalities. Measures are critically examined in advance and ideally coordinated to create sustainable, measurable success.

We think holistically and avoid silo mentalities.

Michael Dancsecs: We’re focusing much more heavily on the challenges facing our customers and on the needs of their ultimate target groups. This enables us to create more in-depth concepts, reduces the error rate and allows our customers to establish loyal and more successful relationships with their stakeholders.

What role does the new FOX consultancy arm play in this?

Michael Dancsecs: Focus on Xperience – or FOX for short – has been developed because we believe that better brand experiences generate more revenue. Strategically designed experiences lead to measurably more success. We want to help our customers identify customer-centric weaknesses and potential in their customer journey and touch points, address these in a targeted manner and ensure they have a greater impact.

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