0% CO2.

standing ovation thinks and works in a carbon-neutral manner.

In obtaining recertification, standing ovation meets the higher demands of sustainable company management “in line with economic, environmental and social responsibility principles”.

To stand still is to go backwards.

This is why we adapted our “Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB” certificate to the latest requirements . FAMAB – the association of direct business communication companies – has around 200 members. By awarding the “Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB” certificate, it makes a substantial contribution to quality assurance in the industry.

Sustainable management. A new addition.

Recertification now also covers “Sustainable management”. standing ovation thus undertakes, among other things, to constantly optimise its sustainability strategy and to systematically reinforce awareness of sustainability. For example through systematic documentation of the sustainability measures that have been implemented.

We are proud to have obtained the new certificate. And to now have a sustainability manager.

More about the certification: www.famab.de