Project management & production.

Surprises on stage. Not in production.


As full service providers, our employees operate at all the relevant interfaces. Where highly specialised know-how is needed, we evaluate the most suitable partners from our network of specialists and integrate them efficiently into the project organisation. We are tall, lean and beautiful.

From joint venture through to full service.

We operate as a general contractor for productions and projects. We are also a service partner for specific tasks. Our experience enables us to combine services and resources in line with needs.

From programming through to guest assistance.

Our services cover the entire spectrum. For example, we can take on all the programming for events as well as all the hospitality management. We have tools and processes to make even complex events and challenging guest journeys into unique and successful experiences.


That’s our passion. That’s our promise to you. Fans live through their emotions. They bring energy, for brands and for people. This is where our work begins: where emotions will be felt, lived and remembered. And it’s for this that we give of our best every day.

One event.
One partner.
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