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Strategic information can also be different.

Diamond show for staff engagement.

Diamond show – polishing the stone together.

The strategy was symbolized by a diamond. Perfect for experiencing all the facets of the strategy embedded in a story. The partners were in the hot seat, answering questions on the subject against the clock. The strategic content was delivered in fascinating bite-sized chunks in order to communicate its implementation clearly and tangibly. During the entertaining 60-minute show, staff were inspired and encouraged to continue polishing the rough stone to produce a glittering diamond.

Polishing the stone together to produce a glittering diamond.

The journey is set to continue beyond the communal kick-off. The diamond show will now be followed by an onboarding process that reinforces and embeds the new strategy in employees’ minds, point by point, allowing them to jointly shape the future direction.

The story – the focal point.

There’s no show without a compelling story. The standing ovation project team created the storytelling with a specific message and a real-world experience. The same applied to the visual storyline and to the event concept, planning, implementation of the show and project management, which was developed and executed by standing ovation in collaboration with Synpulse and screenpro AG, its project partner for technical studio implementation.

Synpulse is an international Swiss management consultancy with 500+ employees in 12 locations around the world.

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From Tetris game to Tetris Garden.

The corporate identity of the Tetris Garden marketing campaign uses the associations that Tetris evokes: complementary, matching, modular, flexible. Plus: thinking outside the box, versatility, creating opportunities and making optimal use of space. The game was the inspiration for the name.

The game was the inspiration for the name.

And the cult status of Tetris was also used for the visual branding concept. Inspired by the classic game, the standing ovation project team developed the campaign logo, imagery, color scheme, font and icons and the key visual. The landing page at the heart of the campaign features animations of the new Dübendorf residential district and was programmed by project partner Gold Interactive. The marketing campaign was also accompanied by sales brochures, fact sheets, social media banners and construction site branding with the same look & feel as the landing page.

Apartments in the style of Tetris blocks.

Rental apartments in multiple shapes and sizes appeal to all kinds of tenants: a colorful mixed assortment of singletons, families, single parents and pensioners – in true Tetris style. The 2.5 to 4.5 room apartments in the Tetris Garden complex owned by a major insurance company will be ready for occupation in summer 2022.

Make a move:

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The storyline went backwards and forwards over 25 years

After welcoming staff to the anniversary event, the two CEOs alternately journeyed 25 years into the future and past of Synpulse during a live stream from studios in Zurich and Singapore. These journeys to 2046 and 1996 formed the storyline for the entire event, which started and finished in the present day. The two parallel streams also allowed the CEOs to directly communicate with each other. Between them, they presented the company’s milestones, prospects, opportunities and challenges. Interactions with employees created a great sense of community. A song and quote competition provided additional excitement. Performances by team bands from Switzerland and Singapore created some unforgettable moments that will long be remembered.

These journeys to 2046 and 1996 formed the storyline for the entire event.

A #BetterTogether selfie mosaic

Another highlight and #BetterTogether at its very best: the Synpulse team selfie. Every employee sent their manager a selfie. When collated to form a mosaic, these created a thank-you card that was sent to all staff after the event.

One event.
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Customer event used to recruit superheroes

Pitcher replaced its usual face-to-face customer meeting with a virtual event, creating an entirely new experience. This ‘new normal’ event was entertaining, informative, humorous and cordial, and featured a high-calibre programme. The digital save-the-date and invitation used the superhero story to generate interest in the event, as did the adverts placed on LinkedIn and other social media channels. The subsequent messages, survey and reminder from the host and coach, issued via email and publicly on social media, engaged the guests before the event. Curiosity. Anticipation! ‘Is Pitcher looking for sales heroes?’ ‘What superpowers do I have…?’

This ‘new normal’ event was entertaining, informative, humorous and cordial, and featured a high-calibre programme.


Compelling storyline creates a holistic experience

Superheroes-to-be were then recruited using the virtual event platform with networking, information-sharing, panel debates, interviews, videos, games and chats. Guests fully embraced their roles and were actively involved. The superhero story created a link to Pitcher’s Super App. And by the end of the event, guests (aka super sales heroes) were able to change the world (of sales), thanks to their newly acquired skills and the Super App. The coach contacted them again after the event with a thank-you giveaway and personal message, continuing the communication by email and on social media channels.

Elaborate content creation

The StageOne event hall provided the virtual backdrop for this online event. The side hall with its professional studio setting and curved LED wall used visual displays to focus on the main theme. It also served as the hall of heroes and control room for the plenary sessions with keynote speakers. The gallery was used as breakout rooms for the four power sessions featuring different content and expert knowledge, where the future superheroes received industry training. An elaborate, eye-catching screen design allowed participants to immerse themselves in a virtual world of superheroes, creating a unique, digital experience.

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Behind the scenes.

The first ever digital award ceremony.

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Live stream.

Swiss Film Awards 2021.

Live from the RTS Studios in Geneva.

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Change of plan. With success factors.

As the lead agency for the Swiss Film Awards, standing ovation was responsible for the award ceremony, including the redesign, organization and staging. In 2019, standing ovation impressed the Federal Office of Culture with its idea of focusing on the nominees, their works and thus the personal stories of the movie-makers. The planned concept for the Swiss Film Awards and accompanying events included a physical award ceremony in front of a live audience. But what happens when a virus turns concepts upside down and face-to-face events are no longer possible? The relevant project team redesigned the scheduled event with 850 invited guests, transforming it into a purely digital version. And found ways for the Swiss Film Awards 2021 to touch people’s hearts:

  • With exciting content in the form of stories about the nominees and their works
  • With a digital award ceremony from the RTS studios, where the popular presenter Mireille Jaton hosted the show, joined by the nominees via live links
  • With accompanying communications on the community platform and on social media @prixducinemasuisse
  • With a soundtrack by the Baldenweg siblings that provided the musical accompaniment for the event, creating an emotional connection to the movies in question

Focus: brand identity and communication.

With the 2021 ceremony, the new image of the Swiss Film Awards was primarily characterized by the redeveloped screen and studio design. And in terms of communication, editorial articles created excitement before and during the award ceremony. Specifically, text and video productions kept the movie-loving audience up-to-date on the platform and on social media @prixducinemasuisse. Plus, a live-ticker reported the highlights in real time during the award ceremony.

Awareness and reach.

The Swiss Film Awards are sponsored by the Federal Office of Culture. They are implemented in partnership with SRG SSR and the Association “Quartz” Genève Zurich and organized in collaboration with Swiss Films, Schweizer Filmakademie and Solothurner Filmtage. The Federal Office of Culture’s public tender defined specific goals for our Swiss Film Awards tasks. The aim was to increase national awareness and to position the Swiss Film Awards as a national event with global reach. Along with improving social media communications and establishing a contemporary community platform.

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Communication materials for sales and marketing

The marketing campaign has been running since October 2020. As the landlord’s communication partner, standing ovation developed the strategic positioning concept, name and target group approach. It also designed the brochures and documentation, website, LinkedIn banners and on-site branding. The visual design was urban, self-confident, relaxed and a little bit cheeky.

Curious about Stetter life? This way to Stetter Haus:

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150 years of Kinderspital Zurich.

Allowing people to experience our unique character.

“Yes, we’re a brand with wide appeal and a great deal of support,” says Pascale Meier, Head of the Fundraising Team at Kinderspital Zurich. “But we want people to gain a different impression. Our fundraising efforts therefore focus on an understanding of the institution and its special services. We want to allow people to experience our unique character.”

Change of perspective. Absolutely vital!

What makes this children’s hospital unique? Its young patients. Everything revolves around the children’s experiences – their feelings takes priority. A change of perspective was absolutely vital. So we made this the starting point of the anniversary campaign. Children’s experiences are part of the Kispi brand. Anyone looking at the children’s hospital from a child’s perspective will experience the institution’s impressive performance.

Thingamajig was the solution.

Our hard work on the communication mechanism paid off. It ensured that the anniversary was consistently communicated across multiple media. And what about the implementation?

Our young protagonists were and remain great personalities.

Children find their own words to describe their experiences. They transfer their experiences to their own world using their own language. Their words are both surprising and relevant. We call this the “Thingamajig” mechanism. Children’s perspectives provided credible emotional access to specialist medical topics and attracted the necessary attention to the brand messages – live, online and in print.

Our key considerations for the Kinderspital Zurich brand experience:

  • Change of perspective: The young patients were our brand protagonists.
  • Thingamajig mechanism: Children find the right words and images to playfully create simple connections to important specialist and factual topics.
  • Common thread: The Thingamajig mechanism formed the basic framework of the anniversary year and was used both online and offline.
  • Public presence: Live communication brought the Kispi anniversary to everyday Zurich life and supported the communication measures.
  • Topic-selling: Complex topics became gripping, multimedia stories.


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