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The Village at Paléo.

Winston – an all-encompassing experience.


The Village.

Silent Disco. The Ultimate Hit.

During the six-day event, we welcomed approximately 20,000 adult visitors to «The Village» and provided them with compelling brand experiences. A special highlight was the Silent Disco, where attendees could listen to the DJs in «The Village» loud and clear amidst the other concerts on the main stages. There were always two DJs spinning at the same time on the different channels, including the open format and the electro acts.

A special highlight was the Silent Disco.

The Village. An icon. 

We’ve had the privilege of being the lead agency for Winston’s festival presence since 2017, and every year we find a way to top the previous year. The iconic image of the flying eagle on top of the Winston tower is an integral part of the Swiss festival scene. It has been a great adventure to rock this festival season with «The Village»!

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LUZI Family Day.

Brand positioning and fun.

Genuine live experiences connect people.

Live experiences that connect people. Fun times that create memories. At the LUZI Family Day, the management team thanked employees for their dedication and expressed their appreciation. Friends and family were able to see and discover their loved ones’ place of work. This emotional, genuine live experience created a connection and will have a lasting impact.

Impact, positioning, consolidation.

This impact and connection were not only created on a personal level. Attention was also drawn to both LUZI as a company and its move to its new headquarters that features state-of-the-art production facilities.

The company positioned itself as a pioneer of sustainability and innovation.

The company positioned itself as a pioneer of cutting-edge sustainable operations and innovative fragrance creations. And as an employer, it strengthened its relationship with its staff on a tangible and emotional level.

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© Video by Emanuel Paliotta

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The Village.

Five festivals. 130,000 visitors. 75 tons of gear.

Get involved, chill, dance and more.

It was the brand-related activities – «the Snapshot» photo booth, face painting and fly past – that once again made The Village so appealing in 2022. Its relaxed atmosphere, along with the food and drink on offer, also made it a great place to chill, meet friends and dance to popular DJs or, for the first time, in the silent disco in The Village at Paléo and Heitere. «Get involved» was the focus for the brand community, as demonstrated by the queues that sometimes formed at the entrance to The Village.

A total of 130,000 people visited The Village at all five open-air festivals.

The huge number of people who visited The Village – 130,000 in total at all five open-air festivals – is also a testament to this. The multifaceted visitors’ journey reached the target audience of adult festival-goers in inspiring, innovative and emotional ways, inviting them to join the interactive Winston experience.

Full-on branding.

The seven-strong core team, including two members from standing ovation, spent the whole summer coordinating and implementing pre-planned acts with a wide range of activities and suppliers. standing ovation was also responsible for set-up and dismantling during the festivals, as well as production management. At every site, they ensured that the Winston brand was shown at its very best, creating a fantastic brand experience in The Village using 75 tons of gear for audio, lighting, DJ equipment, rigging and power.

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Magic. Charm. Soul. And excitement.

Guests enjoyed an impassioned evening in the luxurious setting of the Kulm Hotel and the highlights of the Gala Dinner program: with magic from Lionel, music from the SRC Ambassador Nubya and a warm, personal welcome from master of ceremonies Christa Rigozzi. And then: going once, going twice… the live auction with professional auctioneer, Andreas Rumbler, ramped up the excitement.

Going once, going twice… the live auction is considered to be the highlight of the annual Charity Gala.

In addition to personal experiences, personal commitments also went under the hammer: contributions to education, health and protection from harm. Those preferring to remain anonymous placed their bids in the silent auction via iPad. Here, too, it was evident that buying unique experiences at auction means much more if families can also benefit from a stable environment.


Live auction.

With Andreas Rumbler.

Find out more.

Not just any gala.

This year’s SRC Charity Gala in St. Moritz left a lasting impression on its guests. One million Swiss francs were raised, which will allow the SRC to alleviate suffering. Specifically, children and families in Bangladesh and Sudan will be given access to health care and protected from the effects of disasters.

Connected services.

The generous donation pot shows that a gala evening whose compelling storyline and coherent event concept results in personal commitment can create new opportunities for disadvantaged families. The standing ovation project team worked closely with the Swiss Red Cross to provide a host of other services that made this exclusive charity event a glittering success: project management, hospitality and guest handling alongside supporting communication, content, branding and screen design. The gala’s principal visual element will certainly also be remembered: a donation tree that grew steadily taller throughout the evening, symbolically showing how hope springs eternal.

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Discover the world of Dr. Hauschka.

The pop-up store’s inviting atmosphere aroused the curiosity of passers-by and customers alike. And the beautifully designed Dr. Hauschka brand experience featuring white furniture, beige carpets and wooden decorative elements encouraged people to linger and enjoy themselves. A relaxing setting in which to calmly experience the high-quality products and their benefits.

The store managed to achieve a high reach in a short period of time, thanks to influencer promotion and the programmatic campaign designed by standing ovation on target group-oriented channels with specially designed ad formats. Together with the other communication measures, this increased brand awareness, reached new, young customers and grew the community on social media. And that’s not all: it also inspired coverage in classic and digital media and a notable increase in website traffic.

Programmatic campaign.


Ads in two languages







To be continued.

Flexibly designed with modular elements, the Dr. Hauschka pop-up store can also be easily used at other locations and even serve as a trade fair stand. The next wellness oases in western Switzerland are already in the pipeline.

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From Tetris game to Tetris Garden.

The corporate identity of the Tetris Garden marketing campaign uses the associations that Tetris evokes: complementary, matching, modular, flexible. Plus: thinking outside the box, versatility, creating opportunities and making optimal use of space. The game was the inspiration for the name.

The game was the inspiration for the name.

And the cult status of Tetris was also used for the visual branding concept. Inspired by the classic game, the standing ovation project team developed the campaign logo, imagery, color scheme, font and icons and the key visual. The landing page at the heart of the campaign features animations of the new Dübendorf residential district and was programmed by project partner Gold Interactive. The marketing campaign was also accompanied by sales brochures, fact sheets, social media banners and construction site branding with the same look & feel as the landing page.

Apartments in the style of Tetris blocks.

Rental apartments in multiple shapes and sizes appeal to all kinds of tenants: a colorful mixed assortment of singletons, families, single parents and pensioners – in true Tetris style. The 2.5 to 4.5 room apartments in the Tetris Garden complex owned by a major insurance company will be ready for occupation in summer 2022.

Make a move: www.tetrisgarden.ch

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Customer event used to recruit superheroes

Pitcher replaced its usual face-to-face customer meeting with a virtual event, creating an entirely new experience. This ‘new normal’ event was entertaining, informative, humorous and cordial, and featured a high-calibre programme. The digital save-the-date and invitation used the superhero story to generate interest in the event, as did the adverts placed on LinkedIn and other social media channels. The subsequent messages, survey and reminder from the host and coach, issued via email and publicly on social media, engaged the guests before the event. Curiosity. Anticipation! ‘Is Pitcher looking for sales heroes?’ ‘What superpowers do I have…?’

This ‘new normal’ event was entertaining, informative, humorous and cordial, and featured a high-calibre programme.


Compelling storyline creates a holistic experience

Superheroes-to-be were then recruited using the virtual event platform with networking, information-sharing, panel debates, interviews, videos, games and chats. Guests fully embraced their roles and were actively involved. The superhero story created a link to Pitcher’s Super App. And by the end of the event, guests (aka super sales heroes) were able to change the world (of sales), thanks to their newly acquired skills and the Super App. The coach contacted them again after the event with a thank-you giveaway and personal message, continuing the communication by email and on social media channels.

Elaborate content creation

The StageOne event hall provided the virtual backdrop for this online event. The side hall with its professional studio setting and curved LED wall used visual displays to focus on the main theme. It also served as the hall of heroes and control room for the plenary sessions with keynote speakers. The gallery was used as breakout rooms for the four power sessions featuring different content and expert knowledge, where the future superheroes received industry training. An elaborate, eye-catching screen design allowed participants to immerse themselves in a virtual world of superheroes, creating a unique, digital experience.

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From cacao beans in Costa Rica to the counter in Glarus. They gradually discover the individual components of the secret behind the freshness: meticulous craftsmanship, fresh ingredients, short production times, in-house Läderach chocolatiers and a fresh delivery service.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the interactive touch wall.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the interactive touch wall. The installation allows visitors to flick a switch and watch FrischSchoggi™, mini mousse and truffles being made.


Interactive touch wall.

Visitors can flick a switch and watch FrischSchoggi™, mini mousse and truffles being made.

Discover other highlights

Experience story and content

To create the holistic visitor experience of the factory tour, our project team became fully immersed in the topic of chocolate. A Schoggi job then? “It was certainly very enjoyable. But also extremely challenging,” says Project Manager Seraina Rast. “The overarching storyline provided the foundation, which we then developed together with our customer, Läderach, and the architect, Kurt Merki Jr., along with the appropriate touchpoints. Based on this, we were responsible for creating all the visual content during this ten-month project. We designed all the text, images, graphics and illustrations, plus all the signage within the interactive experience. And we also initiated the videos produced by the team at Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG on our behalf.”

We designed the visual content plus all the signage within the interactive experience.


As well as the exhibition project, the standing ovation team also helped to promote the factory tour on social media. The catchy text headline concept, as well as teasers for story and feed, stimulated interest in the secret behind the freshness experience.


Social media.

Fresh teasers for story and feed.

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Behind the scenes.

The first ever digital award ceremony.

Watch now

Live stream.

Swiss Film Awards 2021.

Live from the RTS Studios in Geneva.

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Change of plan. With success factors.

As the lead agency for the Swiss Film Awards, standing ovation was responsible for the award ceremony, including the redesign, organization and staging. In 2019, standing ovation impressed the Federal Office of Culture with its idea of focusing on the nominees, their works and thus the personal stories of the movie-makers. The planned concept for the Swiss Film Awards and accompanying events included a physical award ceremony in front of a live audience. But what happens when a virus turns concepts upside down and face-to-face events are no longer possible? The relevant project team redesigned the scheduled event with 850 invited guests, transforming it into a purely digital version. And found ways for the Swiss Film Awards 2021 to touch people’s hearts:

  • With exciting content in the form of stories about the nominees and their works
  • With a digital award ceremony from the RTS studios, where the popular presenter Mireille Jaton hosted the show, joined by the nominees via live links
  • With accompanying communications on the www.quartz.ch community platform and on social media @prixducinemasuisse
  • With a soundtrack by the Baldenweg siblings that provided the musical accompaniment for the event, creating an emotional connection to the movies in question

Focus: brand identity and communication.

With the 2021 ceremony, the new image of the Swiss Film Awards was primarily characterized by the redeveloped screen and studio design. And in terms of communication, editorial articles created excitement before and during the award ceremony. Specifically, text and video productions kept the movie-loving audience up-to-date on the www.quartz.ch platform and on social media @prixducinemasuisse. Plus, a live-ticker reported the highlights in real time during the award ceremony.

Awareness and reach.

The Swiss Film Awards are sponsored by the Federal Office of Culture. They are implemented in partnership with SRG SSR and the Association “Quartz” Genève Zurich and organized in collaboration with Swiss Films, Schweizer Filmakademie and Solothurner Filmtage. The Federal Office of Culture’s public tender defined specific goals for our Swiss Film Awards tasks. The aim was to increase national awareness and to position the Swiss Film Awards as a national event with global reach. Along with improving social media communications and establishing a contemporary community platform.

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Repositioning. Success factors.

standing ovation impressed the Europa Forum Lucerne management team with its agency evaluation. They developed the repositioning together, including strategy, vision, values and targets. Europa Forum Lucerne has evolved into a platform where visitors of every generation can share their views and ideas about Europe, discuss relevant content, obtain guidance and jointly seek new solutions. The defined success factors for achieving this objective:

  • Dynamism. Through the combination of inspiration, guidance and discourse
  • Interaction. Turning audiences into contributors
  • Format mix. Different formats for different target audiences with a focus on dialogue
  • Staging. With agile agendas, entertaining scripts and participation
  • Content. Consisting of inputs, innovations and the key findings as a media-focused publication


New event identity. New branding.

In various work streams, the standing ovation project team developed actions covering all areas of the redesign. These included a comprehensive communication and media concept. Plus an entirely new event identity with logo, colors, fonts, text headline concept, stage design and other elements.

Experience, subject matter, constant dialogue.

Today’s Europa Forum Lucerne.

Society and the next generation are now more closely involved in the programming, scripting and innovative formats. Experience, subject matter, constant dialogue, platform and community, sponsorship and media partnerships form the basis for a holistic live experience.

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