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Entertain and engage

The 21Shares sales representatives were hard at work during the trade shows. The highlight of these appearances was the Toblerone game, the icebreaker for establishing contact. The 12 different giveaways were also popular with attendees, particularly the Crypto Coin with embossed QR code that linked to the 21Shares website.

All-in-one package

standing ovation provided a comprehensive service – planning, organizing, coordinating – allowing 21Shares to concentrate fully on interacting with its target group. The first trade show appearances were coordinated and held within three weeks. The young brand tapped into the brand touchpoints of the trade show tour to further develop and position itself.

The stops on the 21Shares trade show tour:

Amsterdam. Ancona. Berlin. Bologna. Düsseldorf. Florence. Frankfurt. Genoa. Hamburg. Hollywood. London. Lugano. Mannheim. Miami. Milan. Naples. Padua. Palm Beach. Rimini. Rome. Stockholm. Verona. Vienna. Zurich.

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Discover the world of Dr. Hauschka.

The pop-up store’s inviting atmosphere aroused the curiosity of passers-by and customers alike. And the beautifully designed Dr. Hauschka brand experience featuring white furniture, beige carpets and wooden decorative elements encouraged people to linger and enjoy themselves. A relaxing setting in which to calmly experience the high-quality products and their benefits.

The store managed to achieve a high reach in a short period of time, thanks to influencer promotion and the programmatic campaign designed by standing ovation on target group-oriented channels with specially designed ad formats. Together with the other communication measures, this increased brand awareness, reached new, young customers and grew the community on social media. And that’s not all: it also inspired coverage in classic and digital media and a notable increase in website traffic.

Programmatic campaign.


Ads in two languages







To be continued.

Flexibly designed with modular elements, the Dr. Hauschka pop-up store can also be easily used at other locations and even serve as a trade fair stand. The next wellness oases in western Switzerland are already in the pipeline.

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From cacao beans in Costa Rica to the counter in Glarus. They gradually discover the individual components of the secret behind the freshness: meticulous craftsmanship, fresh ingredients, short production times, in-house Läderach chocolatiers and a fresh delivery service.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the interactive touch wall.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the interactive touch wall. The installation allows visitors to flick a switch and watch FrischSchoggi™, mini mousse and truffles being made.


Interactive touch wall.

Visitors can flick a switch and watch FrischSchoggi™, mini mousse and truffles being made.

Discover other highlights

Experience story and content

To create the holistic visitor experience of the factory tour, our project team became fully immersed in the topic of chocolate. A Schoggi job then? “It was certainly very enjoyable. But also extremely challenging,” says Project Manager Seraina Rast. “The overarching storyline provided the foundation, which we then developed together with our customer, Läderach, and the architect, Kurt Merki Jr., along with the appropriate touchpoints. Based on this, we were responsible for creating all the visual content during this ten-month project. We designed all the text, images, graphics and illustrations, plus all the signage within the interactive experience. And we also initiated the videos produced by the team at Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG on our behalf.”

We designed the visual content plus all the signage within the interactive experience.


As well as the exhibition project, the standing ovation team also helped to promote the factory tour on social media. The catchy text headline concept, as well as teasers for story and feed, stimulated interest in the secret behind the freshness experience.


Social media.

Fresh teasers for story and feed.

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Nine years of successful teamwork

The fact that the Microsoft Café has become a must-visit red-zone venue is partly due to the longstanding collaboration between standing ovation and its Redmond-based client. For Microsoft, standing ovation is the WEF partner that performs the impossible. This was highly appreciated by the CEO Satya Nadella, who found the ideal accommodation thanks to standing ovation’s contacts.

The WEF partner that performs the impossible.

The on-site services provided by standing ovation range from booking numerous guest apartments, through shuttle services, to managing the entire Microsoft Café. The hectic WEF days are always preceded by a design and planning phase, which also focuses on the look and feel of the WEF Café.

Greenery in the red zone

This year not only marked the 50th anniversary of the WEF, but also of Earth Day, which is a key environmental commitment of the Microsoft Corporation. It also had to be included in the Microsoft Café experience. standing ovation therefore designed the visitor area in the style of a natural setting with a moss wall.

A powerful representation of Microsoft’s sustainability philosophy.

A powerful representation of Microsoft’s sustainability philosophy that attracted a lot of attention. By the way, as soon as the Microsoft management team leave Davos, the entire location is transformed back into a bowling alley with an adjoining bakery.

From Bono to Joe Biden

standing ovation quickly turns a bowling and billiards center into a meeting area that is home to world-famous CEOs, politicians, bankers and international tech specialists.

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