JT International AG.

The Winston Village.

Open-air experience meets brand experience.

Swiss open-air festivals offer stars and brands a unique stage. With “the Village”, standing ovation – the lead agency – developed and designed an open space for Winston in which brand experiences and the open-air mood merge seamlessly.


Background: music, brand experience and millennials.

Switzerland’s open-air summer offers unique live events and the ideal setting for brand experience. At six Swiss open-air festivals, Winston creates a standout feature for adult millennials that enables them to engage with the brand and brand experience in an inspiring and innovative way.

Visitor’s journey as trial offer.

The Village was packed with attractions: there were brand-related activities like the eagle flight, Snapshot and Graffity, and space for simply chilling, lounging, meeting friends and listening to big-name DJs. The multifaceted visitor journey started with the first encounter with the brand and ended with the experience of “being part”.

The Village became an emotional location for a diverse brand community.

Michael Hamilos, Event Manager JT International AG

However, the brand touchpoints weren’t confined to “the Village”: Village activities such as neon colour make-up sessions took brand awareness out into the whole festival site. It was obvious from afar who had visited the Winston make-up artists at the Village for a neon makeover.

Six different festivals, one concept.

One particular challenge that faced the design team behind Winston Village was the very different nature of the six sites, ranging from the flat festival site in Birrfeld (Argovia Fäscht) to the mountainous landscape of Val Lumnezia in Graubünden (Openair Lumnezia). standing ovation oversaw the Village throughout Switzerland’s open-air summer, supervising, coordinating erection and dismantling, and making sure that the Village and its attractions – such as Icaros, a virtual flight experience – were always staged to optimum effect.

Around 55,000 fans enjoyed Village life.

The architecture of the Winston Village was another factor in its huge success. The designers made sure that the Winston Tower, along with the main stage, was always the tallest structure on the festival site. The queues that formed outside the very busy Village only enhanced its appeal. A total of around 55,000 visitors fell under the spell of the Village atmosphere.

The Winston Village experience could be found at: Greenfield Festival (Interlaken) / Argovia Fäscht (Birrfeld) / Trucker & Country Festival (Interlaken) / Lumnezia Openair (Val Lumnezia) / Heitere Openair (Zofingen) / Openair Gampel.

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