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The Village at Paléo.

Winston – an all-encompassing experience.

With Winston’s legendary «The Village», we participated in a total of five open-air festivals during the festival summer of 2023. A major highlight – the Paléo Festival – left unforgettable memories of energetic moments and magical brand experiences.


A Spectacular Scene.

The six-day Paléo Festival attracted a total of 250,000 visitors and is one of the largest festivals near JT International’s headquarters in Geneva. The festival offers a wide range of acts and events. With an impressive line-up of artists including major acts such as the Black Eyed Peas, Martin Garrix, Placebo and Kungs, the festival ensured an energetic crowd.


The Village.

Silent Disco. The Ultimate Hit.

During the six-day event, we welcomed approximately 20,000 adult visitors to «The Village» and provided them with compelling brand experiences. A special highlight was the Silent Disco, where attendees could listen to the DJs in «The Village» loud and clear amidst the other concerts on the main stages. There were always two DJs spinning at the same time on the different channels, including the open format and the electro acts.

A special highlight was the Silent Disco.

The Village. An icon. 

We’ve had the privilege of being the lead agency for Winston’s festival presence since 2017, and every year we find a way to top the previous year. The iconic image of the flying eagle on top of the Winston tower is an integral part of the Swiss festival scene. It has been a great adventure to rock this festival season with «The Village»!

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