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Tetris is a cult classic. Tetris Garden evokes associations. The visual branding concept of the marketing campaign for the Tetris Garden residential development adopts the idea behind this video game with its colorful blocks.


As in the well-known game, features colorful, flying blocks. standing ovation implemented a marketing campaign in the style of this classic game for Cavegn Immobilien. The landing page is the focus of the campaign for Tetris Garden, the new residential complex in Dübendorf with 54 rental apartments. Visitors to the website can experience the benefits of this residential development, intertwined as colorful Tetris blocks: Minergie standard, solar energy, spacious layouts, excellent transport links, gardens, work-life balance and architectural concept.

From Tetris game to Tetris Garden.

The corporate identity of the Tetris Garden marketing campaign uses the associations that Tetris evokes: complementary, matching, modular, flexible. Plus: thinking outside the box, versatility, creating opportunities and making optimal use of space. The game was the inspiration for the name.

The game was the inspiration for the name.

And the cult status of Tetris was also used for the visual branding concept. Inspired by the classic game, the standing ovation project team developed the campaign logo, imagery, color scheme, font and icons and the key visual. The landing page at the heart of the campaign features animations of the new Dübendorf residential district and was programmed by project partner Gold Interactive. The marketing campaign was also accompanied by sales brochures, fact sheets, social media banners and construction site branding with the same look & feel as the landing page.

Apartments in the style of Tetris blocks.

Rental apartments in multiple shapes and sizes appeal to all kinds of tenants: a colorful mixed assortment of singletons, families, single parents and pensioners – in true Tetris style. The 2.5 to 4.5 room apartments in the Tetris Garden complex owned by a major insurance company will be ready for occupation in summer 2022.

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