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Diamond show for staff engagement.

Anything but bland: Synpulse used a glittering live stream show to engage with its over 500 staff, arouse their curiosity and encourage them to learn more about its new strategy. Let’s go!


Following the journey through time to mark its 25th anniversary, the Synpulse management consultancy once again made use of standing ovation’s expertise. For a streaming event that was intended to arouse curiosity, inform, connect, motivate and have a lasting effect. This time: staff engagement. The aim: to launch and reinforce the new corporate strategy in employees’ minds. The approach: a fast-paced, entertaining and interactive 60-minute show. Or to be more precise: one live show by two Co-CEOs from four locations with five partner challenges and six interactions for more than 500 employees.

Diamond show – polishing the stone together.

The strategy was symbolized by a diamond. Perfect for experiencing all the facets of the strategy embedded in a story. The partners were in the hot seat, answering questions on the subject against the clock. The strategic content was delivered in fascinating bite-sized chunks in order to communicate its implementation clearly and tangibly. During the entertaining 60-minute show, staff were inspired and encouraged to continue polishing the rough stone to produce a glittering diamond.

Polishing the stone together to produce a glittering diamond.

The journey is set to continue beyond the communal kick-off. The diamond show will now be followed by an onboarding process that reinforces and embeds the new strategy in employees’ minds, point by point, allowing them to jointly shape the future direction.

The story – the focal point.

There’s no show without a compelling story. The standing ovation project team created the storytelling with a specific message and a real-world experience. The same applied to the visual storyline and to the event concept, planning, implementation of the show and project management, which was developed and executed by standing ovation in collaboration with Synpulse and screenpro AG, its project partner for technical studio implementation.

Synpulse is an international Swiss management consultancy with 500+ employees in 12 locations around the world.

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