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What washing machine drums and Red Bull have in common.

The second Red Bull Velodux took place on 7 November 2015. Blessed with fabulous autumn weather, around one thousand visitors turned out to enjoy the sporting event. Over 250 participants, including 100 pro cyclists, pursued one another over the cross-country circuit through and around the small town of Estavayer-le-Lac.


Between washing machine drum challenge course and foam archway.

Siemens Home Appliances sponsored the amazing event. A washing machine archway spewing foam onto the road, and a washing machine drum challenge course were among the additional “trials” facing the cyclists, most of whom completed the course with bravura and, more importantly, largely without incident. In addition to traditional on-the-ground event communication, all cyclists received their own Siemens hand towel at the finishing line as a memento of this extraordinary cycling experience.

standing ovation supported Siemens Home Appliances with their sponsorship drive, created the accompanying communication measures for the event and was responsible for overall implementation on site.