ruvercap investment AG.

New branding.

Step by step to a bold brand.

The highly specialised financial services provider ruvercap investment AG is embarking on a new path: it is setting up an investment category for institutional investors which is both innovative and secure. Innovation and security will also be reflected in the new CI/CD. An interesting task for the branding specialists at standing ovation.

Background: Rebranding that sends out a signal.

Brand experience in the financial sector is closely connected to conveying security. “Credibility first” is the motto. This is why most investment service providers disappear into the CI mainstream. Not ruvercap – because a low profile would mean no profile in this case. So the rebranding task started with a careful positioning. The aim was to locate ruvercap’s business idea in the highly specialised fixed-income segment and to develop a story that would convey innovation and a new way of thinking in this risk-averse environment.

Business model: Minimum risk with maximum protection.

ruvercap combines a number of current trends in a new investment instrument. On the investor side, the low-interest environment calls on asset managers to come up with new fixed-income strategies; on the sourcing side, the banks’ withdrawal from the SME loan segment opens up new possibilities for lending platforms.

We make private debt work.

ruvercap uses these new forms of SME loan acquisition to develop collateralised investment instruments. Minimising risks gives rise to fixed-income products that offer large-scale investors investment-grade quality.

Positioning: Creators with a sense of what’s real.

ruvercap is an innovator in the industry because it takes a new approach to security. Debt capital from European SMEs in the real economy is secured and brought to market in the form of investment-grade-quality bonds. ruvercap’s new claim “We make private debt work” is thus both a promise and a business model. And: it represents the spirit of a new generation of financial entrepreneurs who combine innovation with pragmatism.

Branding: step by step to a bold brand.

With its colours and visuals, the new corporate design developed by standing ovation for ruvercap stands out clearly in the otherwise rather monochrome world of financial communication. The striking design and the headline concept address the topic head-on.

We have an innovative product and want to be perceived as innovative.

The focus is on sourcing (private debt) and a new way of dealing with risks through collateralisation. The concise messages prompt readers to rethink previous preconceived notions of risk and return. In a very provocative way. “In the positioning and naming process, we delved deep into the industry environment. It was important to us that our new identity should have a strong impact both inside and outside the company. We have an innovative product and want to be perceived as innovative”, says Jon Turnes, Managing Partner / Head of Risk Committee, ruvercap investment AG, who is responsible for the rebranding.

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