Team spirit.

    Incentive with paradise effect.

Client. Renault Schweiz AG, RCI Finance SA

Date. 09.-13.06.2017 I 16.-20.06.2017


Design & planning, TN Management, Incentive CI/CD, Realisation & Follow-up

Renault Challenge Club Elite 2016-2017.

The Challenge Club Elite is Renault Switzerland’s incentive programme for successful dealers and for management. standing ovation is designing and staging five unforgettable days on the island of Ibiza. And in doing so, opening the doors to the most exclusive locations and experiences.

Rewarding performance, strengthening team spirit.

The Challenge Club Elite incentive programme is an institution at Renault. It rewards outstanding sales and management staff and offers unique experiences. It also plays a key role in team-building and in strengthening employer branding. Those lucky enough to be part of the Challenge Club Elite experience Renault as a dynamic brand that cares about the people who get results.

Exclusivity as an unforgettable experience.

The Challenge Club Elite’s destination was sunny Ibiza. The idea was that the participants get to know the island at its most exclusive and beautiful: unique experiences shared with colleagues far away from the hectic pace of everyday life and true team-building against an unforgettable backdrop. Organising an incentive event for 120 guests in high season: no small feat for standing ovation.

A smart split – and a committed management team on the ground.

To ensure the exclusivity of the overall programme, standing ovation split the 120 incentive guests into two travel groups. This made it possible to obtain much-sought-after tickets for the top clubs – despite it being high season. The well balanced mix of private leisure time and shared events was spot on, and allowed the five sun-filled days to be just as much a group experience as it was an individual one.

„The right mix of private relaxation and group experiences.“
Claude Gregorini, Renault Suisse SA

An important factor in the programme’s success was the committed management team on-site: standing ovation worked with seasoned professionals on the island, which made the experience all the more unique and unforgettable.

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