AMAG Retail.

Porsche Night.

Premiere for Porsche Panamera.

Around 1,500 Porsche fans and drivers meet every year for the exclusive Porsche Night. This year’s Night highlight was the new Porsche Panamera – and the accompanying event concept.


The Porsche Panamera marks the premiere for the perfect combination of sports car technology and limousine feeling. Four doors, four seats and a driving experience familiar from the sports car class: the Porsche Panamera is world first of the year.

Porsche has conquered the “4th dimension” with the new Panamera. That was the motto for the glamour-filled evening. The combination of Swiss market roll-out and novel multimedia event was appropriately exquisite.

A complex product presentation on colossal free-floating projection cubes.

Experience and mediality.

The spectacular multimedia staging developed by standing ovation in collaboration with the visual designers and Berlin-based company faunavisisons allowed guests to marvel at and touch the new Panamera live and up close. The complex product presentation played out on colossal free-floating projection cubes. The absolutely harmonious dramatic conception used at the event ensured that passion, world premier glamour and product information were melded into a unique experience.