JT International AG.

Ploom Product Launch.

Igniting Ambassadors Across Switzerland.

In a dazzling display of creativity, we partnered with JTI to introduce their product, Ploom, to their dedicated team in Switzerland. The product launch was split into two exciting events, one for the Swiss market office in Dagmersellen and another for the head office in Geneva.


Igniting Passion and Creating Ambassadors

The mission was clear: ignite passion for the new product while equipping employees with the knowledge to become true ambassadors. We successfully motivated employees to sign up for JTI’s referral program by weaving elements of excitement, education and interactivity into the events.

Dagmersellen: Where Innovation Meets Fun

The Dagmersellen event was a spectacular mix of education and entertainment. Participating in the event’s activities, such as the lessons on the new device, the electric car racetrack, and the tempting wheel of fortune, earned them points for added excitement.

A spectacular mix of education and entertainment.

A special menu was served in the cafeteria, and an ice cream truck outside satisfied their sweet tooth. To end the day in style, an after-work soiree offered delicious appetizers, local beers, and cocktails from various food trucks.

Geneva: A Scavenger Hunt for Points

In Geneva, we took a different approach to inspire and inform employees. QR codes were strategically placed as «Easter eggs» throughout the office building. Employees went on a scavenger hunt to scan these codes and earn valuable points, resulting in 524 new users in JTI’s referral program.

During the day, a test and taste area was set up in the lobby with a barista, mini bakery and snacks. In the evening, an official speech was given and a beatboxer set the mood for the highlight of the event: the party. The DJ, occasionally joined by a saxophonist, got the whole crowd on the dance floor, while a branded swing provided unforgettable photo opportunities. Guests were treated to a flying dinner, self-serve wine, beer and infused water, as well as signature drinks expertly crafted by a mixologist at three bars.

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