Microsoft Café at WEF Davos.

Meeting and business center.

The WEF in Davos is one of Microsoft’s most important business meetings. Which is why the software giant sends not only its CEO, but also its entire CELA (Corporate, External & Legal Affairs) management team to the snow-covered Alpine city. The Microsoft Café designed and managed by standing ovation is their base during the WEF.


The Microsoft Café is a much-visited WEF institution: designed as a multifunctional meeting and business center, it not only includes conference rooms and the CEO office, but also a hospitality area for up to a hundred guests. Not only the international technical elite meets here, but also all the big names at the WEF, from Bono to Joe Biden.

Nine years of successful teamwork

The fact that the Microsoft Café has become a must-visit red-zone venue is partly due to the longstanding collaboration between standing ovation and its Redmond-based client. For Microsoft, standing ovation is the WEF partner that performs the impossible. This was highly appreciated by the CEO Satya Nadella, who found the ideal accommodation thanks to standing ovation’s contacts.

The WEF partner that performs the impossible.

The on-site services provided by standing ovation range from booking numerous guest apartments, through shuttle services, to managing the entire Microsoft Café. The hectic WEF days are always preceded by a design and planning phase, which also focuses on the look and feel of the WEF Café.

From Bono to Joe Biden

standing ovation quickly turns a bowling and billiards center into a meeting area that is home to world-famous CEOs, politicians, bankers and international tech specialists.

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