Lyreco Switzerland AG.

Lyreco logistics moves people.

Opening event.

Perfect materials management is fascinating: State-of-the-art high-bay technology is at the heart of the newly opened Lyreco logistics centre. And customers and employees are impressed.


Brand background.

Lyreco, an international leader for workplace solutions in the B2B sector, manages a range of around 20,000 products in Switzerland. The brand stands out as a creative, highly efficient service provider that anticipates customers’ needs and offers comprehensive solutions. Lyreco is one of the top five B2B online shops in Switzerland and ranked second in 2016 with sales of 178 million francs (source: Carpatia).

Starting point.

Two celebrations are being held to mark the inauguration of the new Lyreco logistics centre: a B2B event for 245 Lyreco customers and a rockabilly-style party for 360 employees. While the first evening focused on customers, the next day was all about cool party atmosphere. An important element at both events: the star of the evening was the state-of-the-art technology in the high-bay warehouse.

Experience and mediality.

The event centred fully around Lyreco logistics: technology, product range, high-bay architecture and work processes were the protagonists. The B2B guests had a chance to look behind the scenes of Lyreco’s logistics. Given the scale and technology involved, it was both a unique and entertaining insight.

By contrast, the work environment was transformed into a 50’s-style party location for the employees. Unforgettable moments, interesting discussions and original employer branding were the success factors of the events. Both events were held during ongoing logistics operations and were based on the same event infrastructure.