Barry Callebaut.


Why we relied on evolution for CHOCOVISION.

With the slogan “To the point”, we organised the CHOCOVISION stakeholder conference for Barry Callebaut for the third time. This involved the evolutionary development of the conference format. The success was the result of precision work.


An evolutionary approach to improving the tried-and-tested: this involves not only organisational fine-tuning and an update to the conference technology. It also means developing ideas to offer the participants a better experience. As with all C-level conferences, time is the most valuable asset for CHOCOVISION 2018 too.

An evolutionary approach to improving the tried-and-tested.

Around 200 managers from the cocoa and chocolate industry, the political sector and civil society met in Davos. In the two compact days of the conference they expected both high-calibre industry expertise and a relaxed Alpine experience. The aim was not only to inform the international guests but to provide them with inspiration to take home.

Refinement as a thought model

Refinement – on which the chocolate industry is based – was our conceptual model. Just as cocoa beans are turned into delicious chocolate, we designed CHOCOVISION 2018 as a process of refinement. At the end, the conference experience became a convincing whole: information, discussion, networking, socialising and the Davos Alpine world all rolled into one. State-of-the-art conference and communication technology played a key role.

Communication as a flow

A professional news team operated the newsroom. The conference content was thus available in condensed form at all times, both real time and stored. An event app was used for the first time, with which each guest could shape “his/her” information flow and manage “his/her” conference. This was incorporated into the agile format which comprised three sessions: LEARN – LISTEN – LEAD.

Evolution as precision work

Evolution requires both: a big idea as a basic direction as well as precision work and cooperation with the customer’s event team for the implementation. With CHOCOVISION 2018 we succeeded in grouping a number of innovative ideas to a convincing whole. The discerning audience’s reaction was gratifying: The exquisite mix of ideas, information and relaxation was totally refined.


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