Jacobs Foundation.

A Playful Exhibition.

An Award Ceremony Turned Evening Delight.

This year’s Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize was one for the books – beginning with an inspiring awards ceremony and ending with laughter, educational treats and culinary delights.


Every two years, the Jacobs Foundation recognizes groundbreaking research in the field of child and youth development. The Foundation honored the awardee, Prof. Janet Currie, Princeton University, by showcasing her work in an awards ceremony and exhibition.

Bringing Award-Winning Research to Life

After an informative awards ceremony, guests were able to explore what they had learned through an exhibition that playfully presented the awardees’ research topics. Our task was to translate the complex research findings into a tangible visual presentation. The result: a colorful, interactive exhibition that not only captured the attention of the 200 guests, but also anchored the essence of the research in their minds.

The Power of Preschool 

One of the two exhibitions, The Power of Preschool, was a colorful visualization of how the heroic public program Head Start helps brighten the futures of disadvantaged children. We translated their research into an abstract preschool that guests could peruse with a drink in hand. The star of the show: building blocks of snackable facts from the research that fit together like a big puzzle. 

Complex topics simplified and spatialized.

Pollution Takes a Toll 

What do a model highway and toy cars have to do with an elegant awards ceremony? We brought the research findings to life – on one side of the green-painted model, the positive effects of electronic tolling on air quality and children’s health were playfully illustrated, while the other side, in red, showed the downside of continuing to use traditional toll booths. 

One event.
Lots of talent.
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