20 years of 20 Minuten.

Commuter parties. How bizarre!


Company anniversaries are less about figures and more about brand values. We designed anniversary events in five cities for 20 Minuten. And turned the brand’s DNA into a unique experience.


Party pitch

For 20 years, 20 Minuten has been providing daily topics of conversation and reaching more readers than any other medium on the Swiss market. As the number one newspaper, it was time to celebrate this success. An anniversary party was on the cards. We won the pitch with a great idea that combined the product’s commuter DNA with the media opportunities of streaming.

Live acts for commuters

standing ovation organized exclusive concerts on urban transport in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne and St. Gallen. Leading Swiss acts, such as Lo & Leduc, Nickless, Dabu Fantastic, Bastian Baker and Crimer, performed live in front of the 20 Minuten community – and delighted the rest of Switzerland via live stream.


20 Minuten anniversary party.

In Zurich’s trendy Kosmos venue.

Success for 20 Minuten

The finale was a big party in Zurich’s trendy Kosmos venue. 20 Minuten staff and publishing customers, as well as 20 Minuten fans, enjoyed highlights such as the appearance of Lewis Capaldi, who performed his global number one smash hit, “Someone you loved”. Kosmos had never experienced such a party night.




Dabu Fantastic


Bastian Baker


Lo & Leduc

St. Gallen



Nickless on a boat in Basel.
Dabu Fantastic on a tram in Zurich.
Bastian Baker on a boat in Lucerne.
Lo & Leduc on a tram in Bern.
Crimer on a train in St. Gallen.

One event.
Lots of talent.
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