Universitäts-Kinderspital Zurich.

150 years of Kinderspital Zurich.

Small patients, huge differences.

Universitäts-Kinderspital Zurich is 150 years old. The institution and its patients owe everything to exceptional commitment. Literally. It starts with the doctors and ends with the donors who enable the Kispi to remain a special place.


As a brand experience agency, we were also part of this commitment – in the form of a special experience. Everyone’s heard of the Kispi, everyone supports the brand – but that’s not enough. Universitäts-Kinderspital Zurich cannot survive on sympathy alone, but also needs funding. standing ovation bundled a wide range of skills for its anniversary project, from branding to storytelling, from communication planning to video specialists.

A brand experience that triggers a reaction.

Our task was not just to stir up emotions. We also wanted to create a brand experience that stimulated commitment and therefore a greater awareness of the foundation’s character.


150 years of Kinderspital Zurich.

Allowing people to experience our unique character.

“Yes, we’re a brand with wide appeal and a great deal of support,” says Pascale Meier, Head of the Fundraising Team at Kinderspital Zurich. “But we want people to gain a different impression. Our fundraising efforts therefore focus on an understanding of the institution and its special services. We want to allow people to experience our unique character.”

Change of perspective. Absolutely vital!

What makes this children’s hospital unique? Its young patients. Everything revolves around the children’s experiences – their feelings takes priority. A change of perspective was absolutely vital. So we made this the starting point of the anniversary campaign. Children’s experiences are part of the Kispi brand. Anyone looking at the children’s hospital from a child’s perspective will experience the institution’s impressive performance.

Thingamajig was the solution.

Our hard work on the communication mechanism paid off. It ensured that the anniversary was consistently communicated across multiple media. And what about the implementation?

Our young protagonists were and remain great personalities.

Children find their own words to describe their experiences. They transfer their experiences to their own world using their own language. Their words are both surprising and relevant. We call this the “Thingamajig” mechanism. Children’s perspectives provided credible emotional access to specialist medical topics and attracted the necessary attention to the brand messages – live, online and in print.

Our key considerations for the Kinderspital Zurich brand experience:

  • Change of perspective: The young patients were our brand protagonists.
  • Thingamajig mechanism: Children find the right words and images to playfully create simple connections to important specialist and factual topics.
  • Common thread: The Thingamajig mechanism formed the basic framework of the anniversary year and was used both online and offline.
  • Public presence: Live communication brought the Kispi anniversary to everyday Zurich life and supported the communication measures.
  • Topic-selling: Complex topics became gripping, multimedia stories.


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