Pitcher AG.

Pitcher celebrates its 10th anniversary.

With a superb virtual event.

«Welcome to the new live experience!» said Pitcher AG, welcoming guests to its customer event. This was held in the digital world and featured entertainment and infotainment, as well as speaker sessions and networking in the hall of heroes.


The Zurich-based company Pitcher had a mission to fulfill: effective brand and product positioning at a virtual customer event. In 2010, Pitcher launched its Super App for its sales and marketing process. The app turns iOS and Android tablets into universal sales devices and is already in use around the world. The aim of the event was to familiarise its target audience – existing and potential customers – with Pitcher’s Super App and its use as a secret sales weapon. standing ovation was on hand to provide assistance in the form of event concept and implementation, which involved overall project management, storyline, content, graphics and speaker support. Project partners smARTec and v3dx provided the technology and extraordinary virtual platform.

Customer event used to recruit superheroes

Pitcher replaced its usual face-to-face customer meeting with a virtual event, creating an entirely new experience. This ‘new normal’ event was entertaining, informative, humorous and cordial, and featured a high-calibre programme. The digital save-the-date and invitation used the superhero story to generate interest in the event, as did the adverts placed on LinkedIn and other social media channels. The subsequent messages, survey and reminder from the host and coach, issued via email and publicly on social media, engaged the guests before the event. Curiosity. Anticipation! ‘Is Pitcher looking for sales heroes?’ ‘What superpowers do I have…?’

This ‘new normal’ event was entertaining, informative, humorous and cordial, and featured a high-calibre programme.


Compelling storyline creates a holistic experience

Superheroes-to-be were then recruited using the virtual event platform with networking, information-sharing, panel debates, interviews, videos, games and chats. Guests fully embraced their roles and were actively involved. The superhero story created a link to Pitcher’s Super App. And by the end of the event, guests (aka super sales heroes) were able to change the world (of sales), thanks to their newly acquired skills and the Super App. The coach contacted them again after the event with a thank-you giveaway and personal message, continuing the communication by email and on social media channels.

Elaborate content creation

The StageOne event hall provided the virtual backdrop for this online event. The side hall with its professional studio setting and curved LED wall used visual displays to focus on the main theme. It also served as the hall of heroes and control room for the plenary sessions with keynote speakers. The gallery was used as breakout rooms for the four power sessions featuring different content and expert knowledge, where the future superheroes received industry training. An elaborate, eye-catching screen design allowed participants to immerse themselves in a virtual world of superheroes, creating a unique, digital experience.

One event.
Lots of talent.
Meet us!

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