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8 questions for Jon Turnes.

An attorney-at-law with extensive experience as a risk manager and legal counsel in the financial industry, Jon Turnes has headed up ruvercap investment AG together with Marc Clapasson since 2017. As well as giving back to the community, the father of three also enjoys sports: snow, water, air or rock, every element holds its own fascination for the former power athlete.

1) What drives you?

I love developing and seeing through ideas with friends. That’s how ruvercap came about.

2) What are you especially good at?

Optimism. I’m incurable in that respect. Challenges don’t slow me down, they awaken the sportsman in me. And I think my enthusiasm is quite infectious.

3) How important is money for you?

A means to an end. Nothing more. I enjoy spending it, and I’m also happy to share it for causes close to my heart.

4) No risk, no fun?

Bring it on! Risk is a part of life. I think it’s pointless to try and avoid it. You need to be aware of the risks and approach them intelligently.

5) Three values that characterise you?

Endurance, empathy, and accepting responsibility for my actions. Plus a sense of humor.

6) Any talents that you wish you had?

I’m perfectly happy with the talents I possess! I prefer to work with what I have, rather than waste my energy on something I would like to have.

7) How digital are you?

Absolutely, when it comes to admin work – I find it bothersome to use paper. Otherwise I’m very digitally savvy too, but I still like to incorporate analogue solutions sometimes.

8) Your most memorable live experience?

The most amazing arena for my live experiences is nature, especially when I’m doing sports (whether kitesurfing, mountaineering, parachute jumping or skiing). Particular highlights were, for example, climbing the Cima Grande in the Dolomites, a sunset skydive over Perris, Los Angeles, a kite safari in the Red Sea near Hurghada, Egypt and heli-snowboarding in Bellacoola, Canada.

And something else:Which three brands speak to you?

Scotch & Soda, On, Freitag. And I love Apple products.

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