Children in need.

Why we are sharing our success.

Instead of giving gifts to our customers we will support the “Every centime counts. Unaccompanied refugee children” project at Christmas 2017. Because injustice and need are not related to people’s origin or fate but are a question of solidarity and humanity.

Over 30 million worldwide.

The world of tomorrow belongs to the children of today. Some of us have become parents in the last few years and experience on a daily basis what it means to grow up in safe and protected surroundings. But not all children can enjoy such a luxury: the UNHCR refugee organisation estimates that over half of the 65 million refugees worldwide are children. Our donation in 2017 is our contribution to alleviating their suffering. We see our contribution to “Every centime counts. Unaccompanied refugee children” as an investment in the future.

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CHF 11,000 for more confidence.

Founded in 2005, standing ovation has grown steadily in recent years. And with it our responsibility to society and the environment increases too. We are convinced that our success is only possible because we participate in the prosperity of a peaceful community and a stable society.

By contributing CHF 1,000 for each year of the company’s existence we would like to help those who are exposed to the turbulences in our world, often without protection or support. For once we don’t just want to arouse emotions but to demonstrate our compassion. It’s not just we who should be able to look ahead with confidence to the future but future generations should too.

© Picture Header: Timon Studler Chennai, India

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